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Scrolls of Icaria

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This morning I just finished my re-read of Jamie's masterful work, the "Scrolls of Icaria" - unfinished, but still masterful. Although it has been four years, I still hold out hope that we will someday see more from him. The world is strong, the writing wonderful, and the characters brilliant. Does anyone have any updates about when something might get posted? His e-mail account is deactivated, so it's unfortunately unlikely, but as I said, I hold out hope even as I work on my own writings, and struggle to find time to craft. Any information would be appreciated.

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I agree, it's rather heart wrenching. So many followers that were/are devoted to this story and then to leave them all hanging without a word. And he has visited his GAyAuthors page as it shows Last Active May 23 2013 03:02 PM SO he has stopped back in. Which makes it even more frustrating. For him to just vanish like that without reason or word just when the story is getting to the part that ALL of it lead up to.


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