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And you thought ISIS was bad...

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There are times when I think humans are the dumbest creatures on the planet, at least we are the most cruel. For decades the United States has allied itself with other nations who are less than civilized because they have something we need.


Well since they started Islam and embraced the absurdity of the world's most active death cult religion none of these kinds of executions should surprise us.

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As described in the attachment, this is not a crucifixion, only a slightly faster death by beheading, though it would appear that, in the best tradition of the 11th century, the body will remain on display and I assume the head will be on the Saudi equivalent of pike and likewise on display. So the penalty is bad, but the due process leading up to the murder is absolutely horrifying. The Saudi monarchy will ultimately fall and there will doubtless be even more blood shed when that happens.

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As of today, Nov. 9, 2015, the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, in a meeting with Saudi Arabian officials asked for leniency for Ali Mohammed Al-Namir who is under sentence of death and for Raif Badawi who faces 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison. Both citizens of Saudi Arabia advocated democratic reforms in the Kingdom which is the protector of the Islamic holy places of Mecca and Medina. In Islamic theological terms, to question Islamic doctrine or to advocate change is blasphemy and treason. Frankly, there does not appear any room for "leniency" or forgiveness for the "crimes" of Al-Namir and Badawi, because leniency and forgiveness would, pursuant to Islamic doctrine, be blasphemy and treason to Sharia Law by the magistrates who were forgiving the sins or crimes.

The only path to reform is conduct the necessary research to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that religions such as Islam and all the others are false doctrines. To gather the proof may take decades or even centuries. However, we must begin. My theory is that the human race has climbed as high as this current level of civilization and technology, and has fallen or collapsed when dragged down by religious fanatics and political egocentric elitists. Much of the "evidence" is several hundred feet beneath the ocean. Melting ice caps caused the ocean levels to rise, and sea water would have destroyed any records on clay tablets, paper, cloth, bronze plaques, plastic, etc. However, it is remotely possible that tightly sealed records might have been preserved on Earth, the moon, Mars, and possibly elsewhere in the solar system. Therefore, we must support space programs and as well as archaeological programs on Earth.

Mankind's history at present only goes back less than 7000 years in Chinese and Hebrew records. Sanscrit and Hindu records might date further back, but are generally deemed to be mythical. There are folks like Graham Hancock who have tried to push back the boundaries of history, but sadly, mainstream historians portray the Graham Hancocks of the world as unscholarly, silly people.

Can we be smart enough to prevent religious crazies and neo-fascists from dragging humanity and civilization down again? As they have again and again in the past?! And what are your thoughts?!?!

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I did not click the link because I refuse to view executions.

I would remind you that our fondest ally, Saudi Arabia beheads a man, woman and sometimes even a minor every 2 days for trivial or imagined crimes. It has totaled over 150 this year alone.

You tell me who is worse, ISIL, who rumor has it, is being supported by the US or The Arabian Kingdom who is being supported by the US?

Does this constitute complicity.

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