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A Special Place by Sequoyah

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Yes, I know there is already a topic for this, there must be as I have posted to it in the past, but I cannot find it so have had to start a new one. Think it must be yet another topic that has vanished in the server move.

Anyway, I am delighted to see this in the Dude's Pick of the Past. It has always been one of my favourite stories on the site and one I have gone back to time and time again to read. It has a real feeling of place, which is not surprising as it is about a special place, but that is something that is hard to achieve in any writing. The fact that it is done so well here tells you something about Sequoyah's skill as a writer.

This is one story I would recommend anyone to read. Just a word of warning though, you are likely to find yourself sitting down and reading it all in one go, so allow yourself time to do it justice.

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I want to add a couple of warnings relating to mechanics. The original story (on the left side of the home page), although shown as individual chapters, is actually presented in long continuous pages of ten chapters each. It's important to keep a general idea of where you are on each page in case the browser resets and jumps back to the top of the page, which seems to happen periodically.

The subsequent story, shown on the right column of the home page, breaks into two pieces that run simultaneously. The two story threads correspond to two different geographic locations involving different subsets of characters. Yet the stories interlock such that it's necessary to keep switching back and forth between the stories. You know it's time to do this when you're reading along in the story about Location A and the characters in Location A suddenly start talking about some major event n Location B. This is the signal to jump over to the other story until some new development demands switching back to the first story.


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