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Demise of the GOP

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A not so funny commentary on the state of American politics:

​As we quickly approach the end of the pre-election cycle of nominating delegates to the Republican convention this summer the sounds of despair grow louder. Donald Trump is the last Republican candidate still standing and that seems to be cause for great anguish among the rank and file of the GOP. The best is yet to come.

​Trump will soon have to pick a vice-presidential candidate, oh what fun the pundits will have with that. Real estate moguls do not like to share power so they surround themselves with minor flunkies who do the master's bidding. Trump is just such a mogul with zero political experience and so his VP choice should scare the hell out of the voters. To have a flunky of no major consequence just a heartbeat away from the most powerful political position in the country is frightening.

​The Donald has said a lot of negative things about the current state of government, but I have yet to hear any practical solution to anything because he changes his mind every day about issues that govern us all. The current dust up with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan does not bode well for a Trump administration. The GOP Congress has been obstructing a Democratic President for far too long to treat Trump any different.

​I am convinced that the country will elect Hillary Clinton and perhaps Bernie Sanders as her VP. Even those voters who dislike her should know that Trump will be far worse. But if the electorate is so pissed off at the way government has been treating them then the Republicans have no one to blame but themselves.

So as the rest of the world cringes at the apparent lunacy of this American election cycle several things may happen:

North Korea may offer political asylum to Americans, but only if they bring their own groceries. China may stop shipping us all that junk plastic ware you see at Walmart and we may have to go back to using wax paper. The French may take pity on us if they can finally stop laughing, as if their government is any better than Trump. What an interesting year we have here...have the aliens landed yet?

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The GOP has too many factions to be an effective party. They have the holy rollers, the no abortions ever, national security conservatives, fiscal conservatives, libertarians and a few dozen more that are at cross purposes.

In this last primary season, we saw that the GOP doesn't have a place for the moderate or social liberals.

Therefore... we got Mussolini.


Republicans, like democrats have gotten so far away from their root philosophy that Jefferson nor Lincoln would recognize their party.

The Republican Party (Lincoln Era) supported business generally, hard money (i.e., the gold standard), high tariffs to promote economic growth, high wages and high profits, generous pensions for Union veterans, and (after 1893) the annexation of Hawaii. The Republicans supported the pietistic Protestants who demanded Prohibition. As the northern post-bellum economy boomed with heavy and light industry, railroads, mines, fast-growing cities and prosperous agriculture, the Republicans took credit and promoted policies to sustain the fast growth.

They are 180 degrees away from their original platform.


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