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Broadway Boys in Gender-bending Hamilton Performance

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Last April, the MCC Theater in New York had a gala allowing actors to perform in roles they might not ordinarily get to play. Hamilton already allows actors to play roles they wouldn't ordinarily get to play, as it highlights actors of color playing white founding fathers. In this, however, three boys from other plays sing a scene from Hamilton for women. It's amazing.


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​What wonderful talent these boys display.

​I am not a fan of rap music and was surprised to see Hamilton using this style, but it seems to be popular. At least Broadway is not afraid to try something new to keep from self-destructing.

​These three boys will probably be in the future of the stage musical for some years to come and I wish them well.

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Joshua Colley--the boy in the pink waistcoat--has appeared in Les Mis, Newsies, and You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. They keep him VERY busy. It think he's the best of the three, with a clear, strong voice and a natural acting gift and he will, indeed, have an amazing future on stage.

Here he is several years ago when he was first getting started.

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