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Awkward Moment Contest



I got my Praxis scores back:

Reading - 186 out of 190

Math - 182 out of 190

Writing - 182 out of 190


I was hanging out with some friends the other night, playing some Geometry Wars. We're all really competitive with each other, so it's the perfect game for us. It was my turn, so I went to sit on the couch. There was one other guy on the couch, and he was sitting right in the middle, so I had to squeeze in next to him. I turn to him and say "Move over a bit, man, this is awkward." He grins and moves over, but toward me instead of away from me. So now he's full-on leaning against me, trying to make me feel uncomfortable. I think to myself "Oh yeah? I'll show him who's uncomfortable!" so I drop an arm around his shoulders. At this point, the other guy in the room sees that we've started an Awkward Moment Contest, and joins in - he runs over and sits on my lap. So to one-up him, I rest my other hand on his thigh.

One of them finally says, "You know, seeing as we're all way too competitive for our own good, we shouldn't play this game. Knowing us, it could actually progress to one of us fucking the other one, shouting 'Hey, this is so wacky! I bet I'm making you feel uncomfortable right now!'. And then the third one's going to want to top that, somehow, and it'd turn into a real life Aristocrats joke before any of us would give up." We recognized that he was probably right, so we broke it up and went back to Geometry Wars.

"Some say monsters died out before I was ever born,

But I think they're still around now, so could you please walk me home?

'Cause they're tearin' tearin' tearin' through the streets now,

And tearing's never as good as I recall."

-"I Know Monsters Well" by Punkin' Pie


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Oh, not so smart. He has a guy snuggling next to him, and another in his lap, and he agrees to STOP? How smart is THAT? :hug:
They're probably straight. Anyway, if I wasn't so much older, I'd propose to Ele right now. Spending your life hanging around him would just be SO fun.
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Graeme said it far better...and about five days earlier...than I could.Great roommates, no matter where they are on the Kinsey Slide.Oh yeah, and congrats on passing the gol-durned written test, too.

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