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(39) Don't Fence Me In



What next can go wrong?

No don't tell me. I don't want to know.

After all the other various catastrophes (see previous blog entries) the fence blew over in reasonably mild storm. I have shopped around Very carefully and have found a man who will fix the fence for $400.

But the old fence is next to useless. The wooden railings have rotted. The posts have snapped off beneath the earth and a new fence is only $930. Bargain! Should I get two in case of another storm?

(No, the insurance won't cover the fence as storm damage because the wood had rotted.) Silly me for thinking otherwise. I am so stupid.

On top of that the computer has gone sillier than me. I have to start the thing then wait for it to not open Windows while it goes to a black screen, then press the reboot button. It then boots up okay. Office has stopped working properly. It has dropped back to an old install?? So I will need to update that.

Now all of this is just a drain on my meagre savings. I soon won't have enough money to pay the boyfriend to keep living with me. Not that he charges much. So long as I keep him fed with donuts for breakfast he is happy.

You guessed it, his favourite donuts come from the supermarket where their donut machine broke down and they can't get parts to fix it.

So I have to make scones or toast and the b/f is not looking happy at all. He wants his donuts.

I have asked the fencing fellow to put the new fence up as fast as he can so I will be able to let the b/f out into the backyard without fear of him running away. At the moment he is locked in the bedroom and I only let him out to shower or go to the video store to work to earn the money I am spending on cars, fences, printers, scanners and computers, all of which I need, so that the video store business will attract customers who continually believe that their sole purpose on the planet is to scratch the DVDs they hire from us. Although I will admit some of the DVDs, when they are returned, look like they have been used to serve the orderves Hors d??uvres at a garden party. I won't mention those that have teeth marks from where the hirers' kids have used the DVD for a Frisbee for their pet dog to catch.

But I am not complaining, you understand, I have my health (so long as I can afford to buy my heart medicine, along with my vitamin supplements.)

Thursday I have to take the b/f's car in for a new clutch. The car not the b/f. Thankfully his clutch is still fine, so long as the lights are out.



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Thank you so much, Des. Thinking about your boyfriend's clutch quite put me off my dinner. Not that I wanted to think about it. It's like if you say "Don't think of Elephants!" - of course you think of Elephants. Same with clutches and boyfriends. Or clutches of boyfriends.Hmm.Obviously time for therapy.HELP!PS try Open Office. It's free and just as good as Bill's version. www.openoffice.org.PPS Do a Virus scan. You know you want to.

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PS try Open Office. It's free and just as good as Bill's version. www.openoffice.org.
Listen to the crazy emu. I second this. OpenOffice is very good and in many cases BETTER than Gates monstrosity. However, if you have a Mac there is a carbonized version available (also FREE) at neooffice.orgPS: I will gladly send you a doughnut for your boyfriend.PPS: Hors d??uvres <-- I think that's what you meant
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We'll not remind Des that a clutch, at least in America, is also a word for a woman's clutch purse.Oops! Moving along....Clutch. I wouldn't mind helping a boyfriend fix his clutch. I was going to say, not on the car, but then it occurred to me that fixing a clutch on a car (probably) involves the boyfriend getting into various "interesting" positions and getting all greasy, which then would require getting all clean which would then mean....Oh yes, sorry. Moving along....I should've suggested OpenOffice, and am horribly, abjectly embarrassed about it. I shall now genuflect to show my.... No, I said, "genuflect to show my..." you rotters, the lot of you! Moving along....Wibby said "hors d??uvres." Oh l? l?, French. (Yes, probably too many "Addams Family" reruns in my misspent youth.) Moving along....It figures Des would pen his boyfriend. It must be a writer's thing. I wouldn't mind a writer's thing, I.... Oh yes, um, moving along....(...Brought to you by Blue's Inner Camp Boi and state of latent really-should-date-ness....)(*) Blue's Inner Camp Boi says that latent deal is about what happens on the date when the mmpf-gurp-burble-oomph.... Sorry, that moderator button keeps doing the strangest things....

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Aha, Yes Hors d??uvres is what I meant, of course. Thanks Wibby, I have corrected it.I should have remembered it was Hors d??uvres, as my father used to call them "horse doovers" meaning a horse's...perhaps I won't go there, I wouldn't want to put Camy off his food. I tried Open Office but it could not maintain my PowerPoint animations. I use PowerPoint as a quick animation maker, not for presentations. But thanks for the suggestions guys. Blue, if I find any writer's things I will make sure to save one for your inner Camp boi. I now have to bundle up the electric drill, screws and hammer to go to the video store and fix a display rack that fell apart when one of the beloved customers kicked it (accidentally) and it fell to pieces. I am having sooooo much fun.Yeah! Right! :hehe:

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Des, you might want to look into a chain link fence as an alternative. If you are only looking for a BF corral, it will do fine, although if you want privacy for you trysts then it won't. You will need to get metal posts, which are often available at scrap yards, and fencing, which is surprisingly, also often available as scrap. People get rid of their fences, and even small pieces can be easily wired together to make longer sections.

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