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I spent the last two weeks in the field - student teaching, that is. Loved it. Kicked asses and took names...in a professional, educational kind of way.

I've been on the edge of self-destruct mode for the past week. Between two jobs, night classes, student teaching all day, lesson-planning, and other assorted homework (TONS of physical science essays - I've done 30 pages so far, with no end in sight), I've been getting less and less sleep, leaving me to maintain consciousness by force of will alone.

Today was supposed to be my last day of student teaching. On the drive over (it takes me a solid hour of driving to get there), I sneezed, suddenly and violently. When my eyes opened, I had jumped the curb and was driving on grass. I ran my car into a giant concrete block. The air bags went off in my face, giving me a black eye, a bruised jaw, and a bloody nose. The windshield shattered. The engine died. I'm pretty sure it's headed toward the scrap heap, because the car more-or-less landed on the block before driving over it, scraping it across the entire underside of the car.

The cops came and took my statement - didn't cite me, marked it down as "loss of control". They offered to give me a ride, either to my house or to the place where I was going. Problem was, since it's such a long trip, both places were too far out of their city limits for them to drive me there. They took me to their station, instead. They patted me down on the side of the road and had me ride in the back, on the plastic seats with the thick bulletproof glass between us. I must say, that's not how I imagined my first ride in the back of a police car - I'd always pictured cuffs and flashbulbs, my collar pulled up over my face, and the sidewalks packed with supporters chanting "FREE CIVIL!". The black eye and bloody nose were in my fantasies, but I always pictured them being caused by police brutality rather than an airbag. Needless to say, I'm disappointed.

You know what kills me, though? I didn't get to go in to teach. I had a great lesson lined up, and I really wanted to say goodbye to the kids, you know? I mean, yeah, I'm not happy that I have to find a new car with my no money, and I didn't appreciate having to wait around in the police station for four hours, but not getting to go to school really pisses me off.

"Rick Santorum's got his shirt off,

I think he's grinding Michael Chertoff.

We'll play dress-up with Obama,

He looks good in Bush's pajamas."

-"The Party Party" by Attica! Attica!


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You might be allowed to go in some other time, if for no other reason than to say goodbye. Frankly, the whole mess sucks big time, and you have my condolensces on the death of your car. Insurance?

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EleCivil, you have my condolences also.Thank the deity de jour of your choice that you are alright.Anyone who can write up an account of a such a disaster in the way that you have here is all right in my book.Don't ever lose that sense of humour. It is wonderful.

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Sorry about the car. Glad you're ok too. :) Plus, the humor is still incredibly intact. :D Sorry I had to smile even though it was YOUR car accident I was reading about.

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Screw the car. I'm glad YOU'RE ok. Really. Good luck with the car, though.
Seems like he had a post about a certain "inspirational" steering wheel....EleCivil, it's great you're OK, and I hope things will work out for a car, soon. Get some sleep!Yeah, ask about going in to say bye to the kids. That might be doable....Soooo... Did you do the Speed Racer "nananana" and "chong-chong-chong" noises? C'mon, you know you thought of Speed Racer during that. OK, so maybe my childhood was warped by Speed Racer reruns. Kids these days!Oh yeah, and: "FREE CIVIL!"
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BTW, a sneeze can be the source of many such a disaster. I've felt one coming on and found out that the only way to even delay it is to immediately hold my nose. Strangely enough, absolutely no air movement in the nostrils seems to give you enough time to at least pull over. In case you're wondering, I drive in car rallies, and those sneezes can lead to severe injury. If you're going to sneeze like that, you may want to consider skid plates under the car, a full racing harness, and a bush bar on the front. Oh, I think I forgot to mention the fire suit and helmet...

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This same thing happened to me around October 20ish. I had a car accident, the cops determined i lost control of the vehicle, and I rode the back of their car *very uncomfortable for someone as tall as me* to their station. I think I had a bruise on my back from the seat for about three days afterwards. hahaMaddy

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