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70. Dream Boys of Insomnia



As most people know I am an insomniac except when I am asleep.

It is not unusual for me to slip into bed at 4, 5 or even 6 am.

Snuggled safely in bed alngside the boyfriend, I eventually drift into the land of dream boys.

So it seems, does the boyfriend!

I went to bed at 3 am this morning and was laying there waiting to fall to sleep, when suddenly the b/f stopped snoring and began making wild noises. His arms and legs flurried in all directions. The bed covers fell to the floor in fright.

His elbow landed in the middle of my chest as his hand hit me in the mouth.

He sat up in bed. I felt my chest and then my mouth.

"Are you awake," I asked with a calmness that surprised me as I checked with my tongue to see if I had lost any more teeth.

"I was dreaming," he said, "I dreamt I was chasing Tom Cruise."

Now this came as a shock. I made no reply. He didn't usually go for Tom's type. Silence replaced our dreams.

Finally I spoke into the darkness, "Did you at least think I was Tom?"

"No, no." He replied, "I dreamt he had broken into our house and was robbing us. So I chased him out of the house."

"My hero," I said. He giggled that same cute giggle he has been using ever since I met him.

"What the hell could we have that Tom doesn't have better?" I asked, "Why would he want to steal from us?"

"I don't know, I just chased him out the door." said the b/f. "It was only a dream."

"I'll move out if you want him to move in," I said, sadly.

"Don't be #f%&(* stupid. I'm going back to sleep," he said as he rolled over. :shock:

I am wide awake.



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I'd be amazingly flattered if I were you. Your bf chased Tom Cruise out of the house to protect you!!! What could be more cute, sweet, and downright loving than that? Not that I've ever had even the slightest thoughts of anything 'Tom'. But not only did said bf save you from a rampant night in with Mr. Tiny, but he saved you from becoming a Scientologist / operating Thetan, too.W00t! I say, and W00T again. :wav:

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Yay for the boyfriend, I say. Tom was tryin' to steal your bling and the boyfriend wanted your bling all to himself. Seems suitable to me. Not really curious about Tom's bling. OK, there was once another Tom whose bling I would've... oh, is this thing still on? Oops!

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