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Odometer +1



Yesterday was my birthday. I'm 22, now. Only a few more years until social security kicks in, right?

I skipped class, half because it was my birthday and I wanted some time off and half because the class was going on a field trip to the zoo and I got lost on the way, and ended up spending 3+ hours driving around until I realized I had crossed state lines and was nowhere near the correct city, let alone the zoo. Yeah, my navigation skills are...non...good. On the plus side, though, I got a new music stand and some new (nylon) guitar strings for my birthday. Just in time for a show next Monday. New nylon strings = like the sangin' o' the angels themsalves.

The summer semester ends in a couple weeks, so I'm preparing to go into final exam/project insanity mode. You'd think after the previous 8 semesters, I'd've learned to NOT put everything off until the last minute, but...nope. I'm resilient in my procrastinatin' ways.

I had to read Nineteen Minutes for a lit class. UGH. Avoid like the plague. It reads like a Lifetime Original Movie ™.

Little Brother was awesome, though (thanks for the suggestion, WriteByThySelf).

Anyway, once I'm out of school, I should be able to find some time to write, again. My next semester's going to be easy - It's my last semester of on-campus classes, so it consists of all the random classes that I never got around to taking. I should have plenty of time to get creative with myself (that's not innuendo).

"Now I know what I was born to do -

I was born to hang out with you!"

"Birthday Song" by Captain Chaos


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Happy Belated Birthday, Ele. And remember it's not downhill until you're old like me :)I'm thrilled you loved Little Brother. And I hope you enjoy getting creative with yourself. I will pretend that I believe you when you claim it's not innuendo.

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20.gifYikes, 22 ... that's really, really old. You should stick to 21, like my Grandmother does. ;)Umm, yeah, well here's a cake if you can catch it.23.gif
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EleCivil,I can't begin to tell you how much fun 22 is.22 is the age of sexual reason. You can find a reason for having sex anyway and everywhere. Well I did.Happy Birthday :icon12:

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Cole I didn't claim I needed a reason, just that it was easy to find one at the age of 22.As you get older it is sometimes easier to not go looking for a reason, but even then, there seems to be an abundance of cute reasons walking around for us to fall over, or under. :icon12:

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