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Bloody typical!



A long time ago I read a book called 'Empty World' by John Christopher. It begins with a global pandemic that first kills off all the adults, and later, most of the children. It's the story of how a very small group of survivors gets on. When I first read it I was the age of the book's hero: a teenager. Now that we are about to suffer a real pandemic I find myself in positively the wrong age group. Bollocks!

Much like the public information films about nuclear war that suggested we should loiter behind a door, under a pile of earth filled bin bags, the U.K. government's response to swine flu suggests that: The best way to protect yourself and stop the spread of flu viruses is by using and disposing of tissues and washing your hands.

They have also come up with a very catchy phrase: CATCH IT, BIN IT, KILL IT. Obviously Hummers, camouflage outfits and AK47s are of no use whatsoever. Not that I have a Hummer or an AK47, though I do have a rather natty pair of desert camouflage pants.

Still, I'm going to be most miffed if I sneeze myself off this mortal coil before I've written a stonking good novel. Hmm, best get started I suppose.


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Camy your UK government must have been talking to our Aussie government.Our Federal government's response to security provoked by the horrifying events of 9/11 was to announce that:

"[...] every Australian household will receive a letter from the Prime Minister, a booklet and a fridge magnet on how to help the Government combat terrorism." - The World Today article
The fridge magnet had a message: "Be alert, not alarmed."We are holding our breath to see what the swine flu fridge magnet will say, if they issue one, that is. On the otherhand, that might just be their tactic; get us to hold our breath, so that we will be unable to catch the flu. Brilliant, I feel so safe now.This reply has been condemned as flippant and sarcastic. :smile:
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As we Americans have no idea what terms like stonking, bollocks or bin bags mean, while everyone else is off buying face masks and so intermingling with their contagious brethern, I'll be safe at home checking my English to American translating dictionary. So, to the rest of you Brits: BEWARE! <GRIN>C

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I'm not really that worried about swine flu. It has already entered the Philippines but the affected people were quarantined quickly enough.Remember, we've already been through the Avian Virus scare which resulted in the massive shortage of filter masks and everyone wearing them like crazed ninjas.

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I find this so funny, a few weeks later, and no one gives a shite about Swine Flu, just another thing to keep the humans scared and keep their attention off things that truly matter like a declaining world economy. I wonder what the new scare will be next week.Jason

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