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Today I am packing my life into boxes.

Today I am packing up.

Today all I want to do is veg out

but for that I am all out of luck.


I'm sitting here - when I should be packing boxes - writing this blog and wishing it was Wednesday. If this was a movie: the camera would be on me and the background would melt away, morphing into my new room. Sadly, I don't have a 'make Sunday Wednesday' machine, nor am I in a movie. Hohum.

Can't loiter here, nattering. Gotta get on (looks around at the bomb site his house has become and a tear rolls gently down his cheek) ... or perhaps I could stay here for a day or two and it'd all be magically done (by pixies and elves)! :armwrestle[1]:

Bye then. I'll be back ... sometime.


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Your mattress is rolled up and waitingYour clothing is all in a boxYour significant other isn't your motherSo breathe deep and pull up your sox.James :smile:

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Our man, less pachyderm than mouseIs ill-equipped for moving house.He hasn't a prehensile trunk But cardboard boxes filled with junkPile up for transit A to BFrom Camy's pied-a-terre-by-seaTo Emu Mansions in the townWhere Mr Mayor in gold and gownWill welcome him with pomp and circ-umstance, if he can make it work.So, Mr Emu, knuckle down,Expedite your move to town.You will soon appreciateThat tardy folks procrastinateAnd consequently get there late.But early birds are quick to learn:Extend appendage, catch the worm.We leave the reader to imagineWhich appendage does the snatching.

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Memories are but remnants of the pastAnd in the future lies what's still to comeWhat it will be is what we will make of it Of life's parts, it will be the sum.Happy moving day!C

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What a nice surprise 'twas to get poems!The move is over, but I'm still without connection to the lifeblood of the internet. Soon, I hope. Soon.Thank you all so much! :):smile:

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