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  1. ?Hell On Wheels? young lead singer Codey Was outed by a mean-spirited toady His fans they did wail And sent jealous mail When they learned that he loved Tim the roadie
  2. Hello EleCivil, I'm so sorry I neglected to mention your new Avatar. It too is absolutely fabulous! I've admired bouncy balls since gym class back in high school. And the way you keep yours in motion all the time is a wonder! I also admire the great job you are doing with Leaves and Lunatics. Keep it up! As always, Ben Dover
  3. Well, this is one time I must agree with my old classmate, dude. The TR avatar is fabulous. If you'd really like a bigger one, Blue honey, I get emails all the time with remedies and I'd be glad to forward them to you! And dude, so sorry for no limericks lately. It hasn't been for lack of inspiration. I just can't get them past the censors at the Office of Homeland Security. It would be so much better if I was posting from a red state! As always, Ben Dover
  4. While Write By is shuddering at the misdemeaners of others who make slips typing in the forums, I just can't overlook his FELONY in "Chapter The Third" of his own story. "Maxfield went along to his next class, and he was hopeful because he loved English. Well, to be sure, he hated parts of the class but since writing was one of his great passions, he put up with the shit in order to be able to exercise his skill. Maxfield went hopefully along to his next class, English, which he loved because writing was one of his great passions. Well, to be sure, he hated parts of the class, but that shit w
  5. There was an old rabbi from Philly Doing brisses, he acted quite silly For the last several years He?s preferred pinking shears Each lad getting a real frilly dilly As always, Ben Dover
  6. Well Rabbit, you sure have Blue slapping himself silly! That might have some religious implications as the great gay religious holiday is coming up on the 31st of this month. Speaking of dates, you picked a good day to have Mike come out at school, duh freakin' National Coming Out Day? But we have a lot of high schoolers among us here at the dude's site and let me tell you, think well before you choose to come out in 21st Century Bush-era America. It isn't like when dude and I were going to high school. In those days, the freaks were the "born again" Christians and though they seldom go
  7. Oh my ... gay dancer! I never had a problem about the actual peeing, it was just having to unbuckle my belt to unwrap myself from around my waist! While in the toidy, however, I often heard some funny dialogues: After seeing a Harvard man finish peeing and start out of the mens room without washing his hands the Princeton lad says quite audibly "MY mother taught me to always wash after peeing." To which the Harvard lad replies "MY mother taught me not to pee on my hands!" As always, Ben Dover
  8. Oh my, Blue! What's gotten in to you girl? Nothing? Oh, too bad. You've just got to get a hold of yourself! I was at the mall the other day and some poor queen was crying by the Fotomat booth because her pictures hadn't come back yet. That wasn't you, was it? Singing "someday my prints will come" ?? As always Ben Dover
  9. Rabby, baby! Nobody can say YOU take yourself too seriously! You go, girl !!! As always, Ben Dover Adverbs are NOT your friends! - Stephen King
  10. Ah cucumbers! RP puleez DON'T disparage cucumbers. Some of my best friends are cucumbers! When I was going through a lonely period of my life, that was some time ago of course, I owed my sanity to cucumbers of various shapes and sizes. I remember I really got to depend on one of them and he was always so cool, that was because lived in the refrigerator behind the milk cartons when he wasn't spending time with me. I even named him, "The Jolly Green Giant!" You can imagine my horror when I came home and found my mother had 'dropped in' to fix me dinner and said "sit down, I've made us a
  11. Well, I don't claim to be a writer but how about a story outline? Josh writes a P&J chapter. Not only do Perry and Jesse finally do the deed, but Jesse calls Morgan and Tom to join in the fun. After the throbbing pain in his butt subsides, Perry decides to do it with Jessica thinking if being a "catcher" is that much fun, being a "pitcher" should be a blast. Jessica arranges to use "Mr. Broyhill" but Clarissa insists on being part of the dog and pony show and straps on her "Steely Dan." Perry takes it like a man again, but after taking a look at her cousin and Steely Dan, Jessica de
  12. Now that Nick's back from vacation: There once was a student named Nick Who had such a talented dick He wrote in to Lettermen That there was no better man To feature on Silly Dick Tricks?.. Ben Dover
  13. Not bad, dude! You've come a long way from St. Louis, but baby you've still got a long way to go! Dedicated to Gavin: Frisco has a great mayor named Newsom Who -asked about gays- said he knew some And after scratching his head Said he thought they could wed But the high court just thought it too gruesome Ben Dover
  14. Oh Blue! that was FABULOUS. There is hope for you, girl! There was a young fellow named Taylor Who seduced a respectable sailor. When they put him in jail, He worked out the bail, By doing the same for the jailer. Ben Dover
  15. There was a young Lad of Nantucket Whose prick was so long he could suck it. He said with a grin, As he wiped off his chin, "If my ear was a butt I could fuck it." :roll:
  16. I wanted to post this at the Poets' Corner but feared for my life! There was a pansy of Khartoum Who took a lesbian up to his room They argued all night Over who had the right To do what and with which and to whom Sweet Nickee has NO appreciation for the fine art of the limerick! How about you? Benjamin Q. Dover
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