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  1. I have been remiss in not mentioning two current mystery writers I find topnotch.  It's also somewhat intriguing that both are Americans, yet both set their mysteries in England.  One is Elizabeth George, whose main character is Thomas Linley, the other is Deborah Crombie who has two main characters, Gemma James and Duncan Kincaid.  The George books are very long, very detailed, and expertly written.  The Crombie books are a bit more accessible.  George has 20 Linley novels written which should be read in order and they grow sequentially.  Crombie's 17 books do the same.  All the books are very good. 

  2. James:

    Your reason for getting vaccinated is a wonderful, humane reason.  It's also the reason to get a booster when the time comes.  The way to stop the virus from spreading it so stop people from getting it so they themselves won't spread it.  To date, the number of people who have been harmed by the vaccine is extremely small.  Any medicine seems to have this capability, yet we continued to take our meds because the chances of disaster are minute and the chances for a cure overwhelming.

    Without the vaccine, people were dying in large numbers.  Since vaccinations have increased, hospitals are no longer overrun with patients, and very few people are dying, except the ones who are most affected by the disease.  The vaccines have stopped the epidemic, and waiting for herd immunity to do the same while thousands are dying every day and our health care systems are overloaded to the point of shutting down is an answer to the problem most people just shake their head at as being innane.

    It's easy when down the road a ways from how things were back in the early spring to begin to minimize the effects of it all.  Yet in the states where the government is anti-vax and anti-masks, the epidemic is getting worse.

    The risks from getting vaccinated are exceptionally small.  I had my two shots back as soon as I could get them.  I'll get my booster shots when advised, too.  Not just for me!  For the people I don't want to kill by spreading the disease when there's no need to.


  3. Oh, come on!  Lady Felicia is delightful, and while Bunty can be annoying, calling her a pain in the ass is a bit overboard, don't you think.  Mrs. McCarthy, on the other hand . . .

    I will admit to enjoying the show more before when Lady Felicia was more prominent and the advent of Bunty hadn't occurred.

  4. Yes, there's an old joke about God providing help and people not recognizing it came from him and thus perishing.  I'd guess it's much the same here: a vaccination has been provided, but they won't give credence to God's hand in that, even while believing he controls everything.  That's nonsensical, but then, that's a good word to describe those people.

  5.  At least here in the US, the principal reason for not getting the shot is the 'we're free and no one can tell us what to do' mentality.  Which is of course a vapid argument as people tell us what to do all the time, and we do it without argument.  Stop at a red light?  Okay, I will.  But your freedom to drive where you want whenever you want is abridged by doing that.  To me, it's just that simple.  As Camy says, we're all in this together.  Just as we're not free to shoot up a mall full of people with an AK-17, we're also not free to spread viruses that are just as deadly.

    Freedom comes with rules and restrictions. Otherwise, not everyone is free.

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