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Jokes: good taste, taste good.

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OK, folks, please don't go too far with the jokes. I'm not pointing at any joke or any one person. Just use some discretion, alright?

Remember that all kinds of people may visit the site and the forum. That includes ladies, teens, parents, and straight folks.

This must be a place friendly and appropriate for guests and members.

So please be nice. Thank you, end of lecture.


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Just tryin' to make sure it doesn't go over the line, guys. Call it, uh, prophylactic. Heheheh. You know, prevention before a problem occurs.

If I'm bein' too uptight, well, I'll relax one of these days. ... You guys haven't seen me :wink::lol: over some of these. Yeah, some are very funny.

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You really, really, really and seriously need to relax. I can think of one or two ways you might go about doing that.



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