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Marion Pritchard, Righteous Among the Nations, is dead


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Marion Pritchard, Righteous Among the Nations, who rescued Jewish children and adults in the Netherlands during the NAZI occupation, died on December 11 at 96. We have many who will do right when right is easy to do. In the days ahead, we could do with more people who will do right when doing right is difficult or dangerous.



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Thank you for sharing this bi_janus....I had never heard of her before. We are all familiar with the Schindler story through the movie Schindler's List. But after watching that I felt there had to be more, he could not be the only one who felt compassion for the oppression of the Jews. 

The good that was done had been overshadowed in the years following the war by the stories of the many who supported the Nazi systematic exterminations. Millions were lost and only thousands saved by the kindness of strangers. We must never forget...ever.

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There were a lot of people who risked their lives to save not only Jews but other minorities, not only within the occupied countries but also in Germany itself. Unfortunately many of them will be unknown as they gave their lives for what they were doing and there is nobody to speak about them. Also, often for security reasons, those being helped did not know the names of those who were helping them.

A friend of mine in the Netherlands (who is unfortunately dead now) as a young teenager (14-17) often guided escapees to pick up places from where they would be picked up by boats and taken to safety. He never knew the names of those he helped and they never new his. He never knew who brought them to the point where he collected them or who took them on. He would be told that there would be a 'package' for collection at a certain place and that he should deliver it to a certain point. His estimate was that over a three year period he guided about four hundred people. 

The thing was his mother was also working with the resistance, he did not find that out till after the war, she never knew that her son was in the resistance.

I just pray that when the need for such courage arises again, as I fear it might well do shortly, that there are those amongst us who will stand up and do what needs to be done for freedom and liberty.



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