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Drawing Me Out by Cole Parker


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A sweet little story, almost a vignette or a trailer for what could be a much longer story. But that is not what Cole had in mind, and I get it.

Once an author fleshes out the characters, sets the plot in motion, and begins to write, the ending is a foregone conclusion. In Drawing Me Out I think Cole says all he wants to say, and needs to say to give us a pleasurable experience. No need to flog every word in the dictionary once his thoughts have been conveyed in such a meaningful fashion. Well done, Cole. 


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I agree, Cole has said what he wanted to about Avery.  And he has said it skillfully and delightfully and quite convincingly.  But brother Ted is an untold story, and his transformation has made me want to know more about a boy who got the smaller room.

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James, that's exactly how I react when I read most anything.  Ideas spring from little incidents like that one.  The more realistic the scenes are, and the more that's left to the reader's imagination, the more new and divergent situations occur to me.  From such stuff, stories can be built.


Thanks, guys.  I liked this story, and I'm glad you share that sentiment.  I was unhappy, seeing the short story segment of this site being ignored.  I'd love to see all you fellows adding to it.



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I always expect to enjoy a short story by Cole. There is always something to ponder on.


This one though is exceptional. It hit all the right spots in my memory of childhood.


I grew up in a mining village as a boy destined to become a physicist. I can remember what it was to be good at things that the rest of the school simply didn't get.


So very many thanks Cole, you have already quite made my weekend, and its barely started.

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Thanks, Jeff.  It's funny how I've written enough now to know while in the middle of a story whether it'll be good or not.  This one felt like something special all the time I was writing it.  


This one had no historic ships in it, though.  I can't compete there!  I think you've got that realm sewed up!



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