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Why isn't this man our President?

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The year 2016 will be remembered for a long time as the biggest mistake the Democratic Party ever made. Perhaps Hillary Clinton was not the worst choice, but she was not the best. So after Donald Trump sells the U.S. to the highest bidder, kills off our elderly and poor with the destruction of health care, then perhaps we will all remember that we had a better choice and didn't take it.


It was quite evident that Joe Biden did not want to be president after enduring the eight years of hatred and venom heaped upon the Obama administration. His life had reached a crisis point, and like a good family man he set aside ambition to care for those he loved most. Now we have a president who has little love for anyone but himself, an ego gone berserk. Don't forget Joe Biden, we may need him to put us all back together again.   


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As much as I like and respect Joe Biden, I think his time has passed. Whether people liked or disliked Obama, his reign brought a level of youthful vitality that hadn't been on the scene in quite a while. And Biden will be 75 this November, three years before he could be elected President. Even George Washington was only 56 when he took office. And if you think age isn't a factor in elected office, just look at Nancy Pelosi and John McCain for evidence.

So where are the 50-somethings, perhaps even 40-somethings ala JFK, who will be wiling to run the next time it's possible? Or are the Democrats going to stay so busy re-re-rebattling over this past election that they forget there's another one just a few years away? And heaven - or maybe hell - knows what the opposition will be.

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Pretenders to the throne need to be stepping to the front now so as to be well-enough known to have a chance come election time.  But who in his right mind would want to enter the mire we now have at the top?  

One has to wonder, too, if any moderate has a chance.  We seem to be going through a period of eat-your-opponent-alive politics, and have a widely-divided and over-passionate electorate body.


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Can't agree to writing off Joe Biden.  Seems to me 78 is the new 56 in this modern era of medical advancement.  (At least I hope so.)  Joe Biden is one of the few seasoned pro politicians left with blue collar roots and an expert understanding of how Washington works.  He just might be able to pull this fractured nation back toward the center.

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