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Happy Birthday Canada!

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And a lovely Canada Day it was. Big celebration this year on our 150th birthday.


Fireworks are still going off as I type this.


As for the list, pretty accurate, though some of those are fairly regional. Now I gotta slip on my bunny-hug and toque and get all decked out before I go fer a rip to pick up a two-four, gonna really give'r in my old Bennett Buggy, she's a real gong show. The RC's might pull me over and gimme a real chirpin' if I'm not careful. But that's the way she goes, boys, eh?


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I remember my first business trip to Canada. Arrived in Toronto and was wandering the halls looking lost. A friendly Mountie noticed my confusion and asked if he could help. (Well, a cop of some sort.)

"Yes, sir. Looking for the Hertz counter."

"Need a rental car, eh?"

Yep. This was Canada!!

Happy Birthday!!

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Love Nanaimo bars.  And Nanaimo too for that matter.

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1 hour ago, Joe said:

Love Nanaimo bars.  And Nanaimo too for that matter.

Nanaimo bars. Butter tarts. Poutine. Donairs. Montreal smoked meat. Ketchup chips. Saskatoon berries (and Saskatoon berry pie, more importantly). Bloody Ceasars. Beavertails. Canadian Pizza. Ginger Beef. French-Canadian Tortierre. Maple Bacon Peameal Roast.


I love traveling, and I love trying foods from all over the world. But that doesn't stop me from always holding a fond (read: gluttonous) place in my heart (read: stomach) for some of my favorites that can pretty much only be found in my homeland.


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