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What's this place?


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Does anybody know anything about this site, and, if so, what?


It looks as if they need money too.

It's a reasonably popular gay story & discussion site.

There are several hosted authors, including the very well-known Comicality, as well as Dom Luka (author of The Log Way, and The Ordinary Us), Dan Kirk (author of Do Over), and GhostRyder15 (author of Kombat Kids) among others. There are also a number of discussion forums and blogs (some by or about the aforementioned authors).

I came across it after mentions of it by the above authors on Nifty. If you're following any of the above stories (and I'd personally recommend all of them) on Nifty, then you'll find much more recent chapters on the GayAuthors site.

Hope this helps.



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I know a lot about that site. I am one of their moderators.

If all they had was Comicality and/or Dom Luka, they would have a GREAT site BUT they've got a whole lot more.

It is a very active site with over a thousand registered users. There is some crossover between this site and GA.

Because GA is so large and busy, it needs a dedicated host to perform acceptably which is why it is so expensive to run.

One of its most interesting features is a huge database of online stories with content, links and ratings.

They also have an authors resource page with many interesting and useful links.

If you haven't read Dom or Comicality's work, you are missing a real treat. They are both excellent authors. They are both very good about discussing the craft with budding authors.

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