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Elderly Couple


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Elderly couple in church celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. In the middle of the service the woman takes out a pen and paper from her bag and writes. Just did a silent fart what should I do. The man writes back,

Buy a new battery for your hearing aid  

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Mrs. Warring went to her physician.

"Doctor Keefer, I have a problem. I've started passing gas and the fact that I'm doing that is worrisome. It's occurring quite often. Luckily, it passes silently and has almost no scent. Will I need gastrointestinal surgery to correct this problem?"

"I'm afraid you will need gastrointestinal surgery, Mrs. Warring. However, that alone won't resolve your problem. You will also need surgery to fix your ears and your nose."

Colin  :icon_geek:
(Courtesy of my granddad)

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