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Haywood's Journey Complete

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So, Haywood's Journey is now a complete set, available on Amazon. The three books are available in ebook and printed book formats.

Rising From the Ashes

Soaring to New Heights

Landing in Triumph

Didn't know if anyone had purchased either of the first two books, so this is just covering the bases for those who might have.



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I'll check the Amazon store in downtown Walnut Creek and see if they have Haywood's Journey in stock.

And yell at them if they don't. 

Colin  :icon_geek:

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I am a bit annoyed with Amazon about this. Have the first two stories on my Kindle and had a watch set for the third, but did not get a notification from Amazon of publication. Just be on the site and purchased it. 

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Thanks, you guys. It's nice to see that I've got a couple of 'fans'. LOL. I wouldn't hold out much hope for the Amazon Store. I imagine they choose their stock by popularity, and my books have not really fit into that category. Hard to be popular when I can't afford to publicize. LOL. But I'm happy. I completed the project. So, enjoy, gentlemen, and thank you for your patronage.



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