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Dominic 3

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There was no response from the other end of the line.

“Dominic did you hear what I said?” Matthew heard a sniffing and a voice crackling with emotion.

“I heard Matthew, but I don’t want to hear your voice from 250miles away.” Dominic’s voice broke as he sobbed out, “I want to hear it with you standing in front of me. Please come back.”

“Oh God Dominic, stop crying. I promise I’ll be back shortly, just give me a few more days.”

NO,” he yelled, “I want you back now, if you don’t come back I won’t speak to you again.”

“Do you really mean that, because if you do then you may as well put the phone down your end.”



“Uh huh.”


“So what”

“You haven’t put the phone down.”

“I’m thinking about it.”

“You’re taking a long time thinking about it.”

“How much longer are you going to stay in Kendal?”

“Were going around in circles with this conversation Dominic, can’t we talk about something else.”

“Such as.”

“I don’t know, you, and how you’re doing in the sixth form.”

“How do you bloody think I’m doing without you around?”

“Dominic don’t start that again,” and Matthew was interrupted.

“I didn’t come on the phone to make small talk Matthew, I miss you and want you back, and I’m trying my best to make you understand that.” And in his anger Dominic slammed the phone down.


Mr Blake looked at the young boy with tears streaming down his cheeks and took him into his arms.

“Dominic, I heard the conversation with you and Matthew now can you explain what is going on between the two of you?”

And Dominic with tears running down his cheeks, and a great deal of sniffing, related the feelings the boys had for each other. When he finished and getting his emotions under control he said, “Mr Blake I can’t understand why Matthew went away to think things over without telling me, and now I feel all alone without him by my side.”

Mr Blake produced some tissues to wipe the boy’s face then gave him a couple more telling him, “Blow your nose.”

After Dominic had done what he was told he said, “I’d better be getting home, my mum warned me about not to be bothering you too much.”

“It alright Dominic you’re not bothering us I’ll drop you home. I think I’d like to talk to your mother about what you just told me.”

“Uh, I don’t know Mr Blake, my mum might give me Hell for getting you all involved in this.”

“Don’t worry about it I’ll drop you home, and I’ll do the talking you just sit tight okay.”

“Okay Mr Blake, then we had better get going I don’t want to be late getting back.”

Edward Blake scooped the boy under his right arm, “Right let’s go.” Walking over to his wife he pecked her on the lips saying, “See you later darling.”

Dominic wrapped under Edward Blake’s arms uttered a, “Bye Mrs Blake,” and the two of them left the house.  


Outside Dominic was set on his feet and they walked round to the garage and climbed into one of three cars. When they arrived at his block of flats Dominic tried to persuade Mr Blake that there was no need for him to talk to his mother.

“You may not think so Dominic, but I do, now let’s go up to your flat.”

“It’s not very big Mr Blake, and we don’t have nice furniture like you do.”

“Dominic, you don’t have to make excuses about your home. The most important thing is that you’re happy in it.”

“Oh yeah Mr Blake, we are, we have great times together my mum, sister, and I.”

“Right then, let’s go meet your mother.”

Mrs. Spencer was surprised to see her son walk into the flat with a man on his heels.

“Mum, this is Mr. Blake.” 

“Pleased to meet you Mr Blake.”

“Please, call me Edward, and I’m pleased to meet you.”

Leading the way into the sitting room she said, “Come in Edward, take a seat, and the name is Karen. Now what brings you around here, I hope Dominic hasn’t been making a nuisance of himself.” At the same time she indicated to Dominic to take his sister into the kitchen.

“No Karen, actually I’ve come to discuss the friendship between our two sons. You know that they have become very close friends. Now the friendship according to them has become more serious so much so that they’re both confused by it.”

He looked at Karen who seemed to be nodding her head understandably at what he was saying.

“Let me be more specific Karen, the boys seem to think that they’re in love. Myself I wouldn’t be too concerned about it as yet, as there are still very young. Boys of this age can have very intense friendships, but as they reach adulthood the intensity does wane as their interests take different courses. At the moment Dominic, and Matthew, seem to be confused about their friendship, which has caused him to go away to think it out. Dominic is quite broken up about Matthew leaving without informing him.

“Oh dear, Matthew was around here on Monday evening and left without saying anything.”

“Why was that?”

“Dominic wasn’t in, he’d gone out to one of his classmate’s house, and Matthew seemed a bit upset when hearing Dominic had gone out.”

“The reason I came to see you Karen, was that Dominic is still very upset about being away from Matthew, so I thought that I can arrange to have Dominic driven to Kendal to join Matthew.”

“But what about school?”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m on the School Board I can fix that, also the term finishes next week so he won’t be missing much in any case.”

“Let me call him in and ask him if he wants to go.”

She called out for Dominic to come into the sitting room, he arrived carrying his sister.

“Dominic, put Jemma down,” Doing as his mother instructed he replied, “Yes mum what d’you want.” 

“Mr Blake has suggested that he can fix it for you to join Matthew in Kendal, do you want to go?”

“Yes mum, when can I go?” She turned to look at Matthew’s father.

“Tomorrow or is that too soon.”

“No, that would be fine Mr Blake, that would be brilliant.”

“Okay then I’d better get home and start arranging things, and don’t bother with taking any money with you, you won’t need any.”

After he’d made his goodbyes to Karen, Dominic accompanied him down to his car. “Mr Blake, can I ask another favour of you please.”

“Ask it Dominic.”

“Don’t tell Matthew that I’m joining him.”

“Dominic, I wasn’t going to tell him like you I wanted to surprise him”

“Mr Blake.”


“You’re an okay guy, and thanks again.”

The man ruffled the boy’s hair “So are you, now if you want to see Matthew tomorrow you’d better get upstairs and start packing the driver will be around by 11am tomorrow.”

Dominic bade Mr Blake a “Goodnight.”

With the courtesy being returned by Mr. Blake.


He was up bright and early, and after the normal morning rituals of showering, dressing, and eating he sat and waited. The hands of the clock seemed to take forever to reach eleven. Before that Dominic had been down to the entrance to the flats at least half a dozen times, in the hope that the driver would arrive early. At precisely one minute after eleven a black Mercedes saloon drew up and blared its horn. Dominic jumped up grabbed his case kissed his mother and sister goodbye, and flew down the steps to the waiting car. The driver took the bag from him put it in the boot while Dominic climbed into the backseat sat down and strapped himself in.

The driver climbed in behind the steering wheel saying “If your ready sir should we begin the journey?”

“Oh uh yes, lets go please.”


The car smoothly drew away from the flats and headed for the motorway, and then Northwards to Kendal. After an hour and a half of driving the driver drew into a service station parked the car and turned to Dominic saying, “We’re stopping for lunch sir.”

Dominic was speechless he had about 75p on him which was just about enough to buy a cold drink let alone lunch, “Uh you go ahead I’m not hungry I’ll stay in the car if it’s okay by you.”

“But Mr Blake insisted that I stop for lunch, and to make sure you ate something. He even gave me the money to cover the cost of my food as well.”

“Uh oh okay, I don’t want to get you into any trouble,” and Dominic climbed out of the car grateful that Mr. Blake had been thoughtful enough to provide money for food. He was hungry and could eat a horse.

During the meal they introduced themselves to each other, and got quite friendly. After they’d finished their meal when they returned to the car Dominic asked, 

“Can I sit up front with you George instead of at the back?”

“Yeah sure hop in,” and they were on their way again.      

About four thirty in the evening they reached the house that Matthew was staying at. The driver took Dominic’s case out of the boot and walked with him to the front door where he rang the bell. A man a bit older but very similar in appearance to Mr Blake answered the door. He looked at the young boy standing on the doorstep smiled, held his hand out, “You must be Dominic, I’ve been expecting you, come inside.” Turning to the driver he said, “You coming in as well George,” taking the case from his hand.”

“No sir, I had better go and book into the hotel, Mr Blake has reserved a room for me for the night, so that I can get an early start tomorrow without bothering anyone.”

“Okay George, see you, and have a good day.”


With George gone Mr Blake senior led Dominic into the lounge placed his case on the floor and introduced his wife to Dominic. She came and gave Dominic a big hug held him at arms length saying, “What a handsome young man,” making Dominic blush.

“Martha don’t embarrass the boy,” Mr Blake said, then calling Dominic to his side he informed him that, “Matthew is upstairs in his room, it’s the one directly ahead at the top of the stairs. Go on up and see him, if you don’t make too much noise he’ll most probably think it’s me coming up.”

Dominic thanked Mr Blake senior, and headed for the room. He was nervous and shaking with anticipation with the thought of seeing Matthew again.


He reached the room door and knocked gently on it and a voice from inside that he recognised instantly said, “Come in uncle.”

Dominic opened the door to see Matthew with his back to the door kneeling on the bed with his head stuck out the window. He stood in the doorway till Matthew turned saying, “What did, Oh God! Dominic and he jumped off the bed they both ran towards each other as they met Matthew scooped the smaller boy into his arms. He hugged the small form to his breast squeezing him, then easing off and looking at the face that had been in his thoughts since he had left home, “I’ve missed you something wicked Dominic.”

“Missed you as well, but first I have to tell you something, but please don’t hate me after I tell you.”

“Can’t it wait till later?”

“No, I have to tell you now, otherwise I may not have the guts to tell you later. It’s been on my mind and I feel you should know. Then you can make your mind up about me.”

“Okay go ahead.”

“Well you know the evening that you came around to my place and I was out.”

“Yeah that was Monday,”

“That’s right, well I’d told you that I had a lot of homework and couldn’t go out that evening.”


“So Frank, who gave me a lift home suggested that we do our homework together at his house and without thinking I said yes. That evening after we’d finished we were talking and without thinking I let on that we were friends. Then he asked me if we were wanking, and I got embarrassed and blurted out no. But he guessed that we were by the look on my face, so he asked me if I would wank him. At first I didn’t want too but when he put my hand on his dick I just gave in and did it with him.”

“You and he had a wank.”

Yes, and I liked it till I had my orgasm, but it wasn’t as good as when I do it with you. Afterwards I felt bad and started crying because I felt ashamed that I had done it with someone else other than you. Frank tried to make me feel better, by saying that it was his fault for taking advantage of me, but it didn’t help much. I wasn’t going to tell you about it but it’s been bugging me. So now that I’ve told you, are you mad with me?”


Matthew gazed at the small form in front of him then replied, “Dominic that was one of the reasons I left to come up here. That evening when I got to your house and you had gone out, the very thought of you being with someone else made me go all haywire. If I’d stayed and found out I don’t know what I would have done, I only realized afterwards that I was not thinking right, and needed to try and understand my emotions towards you. So, I came up here to try and get things into perspective. Dominic, you’re only twelve years old, and though I’m much bigger than you I’m only a couple of years older. Yes, I love you, but I really can’t expect you to feel the same way as I do, you’re much too young to start thinking about relationships, and it would be unfair of me to try and get you involved in one. And before you start telling me how advanced in your education you are, remember, you knew practically nothing about sexual feelings, and emotions till you got involved with me. I think we can still be very close friends, but give yourself a chance till you get a little older before you decide what.” and Mathew’s speech was brought to a halt by Dominic shouting.

“Will you shut up Matthew, and stop spouting all that holier than thou gobbledygook. Yes, I am twelve years old, and yes, I was a bit behind in my sexual awareness, but you seem to forget I happen to be a very fast learner faster than you. So, you don’t have to be concerned about leading me astray, I know what I want and that’s the reason why I’m here in Kendal.”

The older boy stood staring at his young friend, suddenly he blurted out. “What have I let myself in for, but whatever it is I like it.” Then lowered his head so that his lips could be met by a pair as eager as his.




He sat staring out of the front room window looking down the drive. His partner for 70+ years had passed away two years ago, and he felt empty without him. He thought back to their days at school, and university, the girls they dated for the experience, and finding it not to their taste, and eagerly returning to each other. Their setting up home together and the adoption of children and the happiness it brought into their lives. Their children had done well, married, and produced children of their own, who were in out of the house on a regular basis, but still he yearned for his partner.

He tired easily these days, his reminiscing diminished as his eyes started to close, but then he awakened his eyes focused more clearly. Oh My God! There he was that brown haired twelve-year-old boy walking down the drive. He flew from his wheelchair and was out of the house in a flash, as he ran so the years melted away and he was fourteen again. He met Dominic halfway down the drive, grabbed hold of him and lifted him into his arms, the boy’s legs wrapped around his waist, and arms around his neck and their lips joined. Matthew broke the kiss, Where the Bloody Hell have you been, I’ve been waiting yonks for you.

Well I’m here now Matthew, let’s go.

He lowered Dominic to the ground then hand in hand they faded into eternity.



                                                                                                                                                         The End 

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Good job.  But please don't cap this story off so soon.  There's plenty of room for these two engaging characters to develop between this really nice beginning and the Epilogue.  You might think about giving us glimpses of their relationship every ten years or so.

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I agree with @Cole Parker , a little tidying up here and there, but well written. Regarding the storyline: there is plenty of scope, a whole lifetime. Personally, I would avoid the 'well off' benefactor who can arrange things that wouldn't normally happen, by exerting his influence (time off school, chauffeur etc.). It's a ploy used all too often, to easily smooth through the story progression, but is not at all realistic. I would watch carefully how the older boy, Matthew, reacts. He begins to exhibit the characteristics of someone much older, 'I really can’t expect you to feel the same way as I do, you’re much too young to start thinking about relationships, and it would be unfair of me to try and get you involved in one.' Do fourteen and twelve year olds start discussing relationships? That aside it was engaging and I immediately liked the characters, so good job ?

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