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The Bells of Times Square by Amy Lane

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I am grateful to Bruin Fisher for pointing me in the direction of this book. It is a really great story well told.

Nate Mayer is shoot down whilst on a photo reconnaissance mission. He is rescued by an escaped POW and the two hole up in a deserted French farm house. There they become lovers. After the war Nate Mayer goes to Time Square every New Years Eve to hear the ghostly bells that he and his wartime lover pledge to hear together. This year though the invalided Nate is pushed to the square, in his wheel chair by his grandson Blain and Blain's friend. In taking Nate to the square Blain and his friend give away far more than they intended.

A wonderful story very well written. I am a fan of all Amy Lane's writing but this has to rank amongst her best books.

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I fully agree with you, she is a great writer and her output is fantastic, just finished Freckles, and really loved it. Not up to The Bells of Time Square but a good story told with quite a bit of humour. 

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