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Here we go.  A perfect word all writers should know.  It's Dictionary.com's word of the day:

Epizeuxis [ ep-i-zook-sis ] 


A literary or rhetorical device that appeals to or invokes the reader’s or listener’s emotions through the repetition of words in quick succession.

If nothing else, it's fun to say.  Although difficult to fit into a conversation.  How about, "You might want to know, miss, your epizeuxis is showing."


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I think Cole is being disingenuous here. Like he egged us on with Gee Whilliker’s ‘mahmilapinatapai’ this is clearly intended as a prompt, nay challenge, to all here to scribble something pertaining to the word.

I say, I say, I’m sure this is the start of something pernicious: ‘Parker’s Pandemic Prompts’ to keep our brains protesting in these unusual times.

Of course Cole has forgotten to say the submissions should be posted in the Flash Fiction section of the forum. But then had he done so it would have destroyed the subtlety of his approach. 

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