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Welcome Pecman as WW co-moderator!


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Arrrrgh.. it has been a couple of weeks since The Pecman (who writes on the web as John Francis) agreed to co-moderate this panel and I have yet to properly welcome him. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

Der Pecman, as his co-moderator TR refers to him, has been a constant supporter of both the AwesomeDude.com site and the AD Forums and has spent a lot of time in presenting thoughtful suggestions to budding writers both through his essays on writing gay fiction for the web and in comments here and in other parts of AD Forums. He has also contributed through his editing efforts on a number of stories you read here at AwesomeDude. And to boot, he has correponded one-on-one with a number of writers on the art of writing.

I am quite proud of our moderator team here at the AD Forums and hope you will appreciate the skills and talent both The Pecman and Tragic Rabbit bring to Writers' Workshop.

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And you know, all I'll do is just be my usual obnoxious self. :)

No, seriously -- I'm always very much aware how tough it is to accept criticism of your work as a writer. Some people react to it very emotionally, as if you just called their mother a whore, and that they wore dirty socks; others recognize you're only discussing printed words on the page, and they take it objectively.

And it's hard to take criticism, too, because many of us put raw emotion down in our writing. The first story I wrote was a real rollercoaster for me, and I wore my heart on my sleeve for the whole thing. So I have nothing but sympathy for people who put so much of themselves on the line for their writing.

Anyway, I'll try to be nice. :twisted:

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