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Flip's Tale by Joel


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This is a great story set in Scotland at a boys boarding school. It is by the well-known author, Joel who brought you Aladdin's Awakening, which we hope to bring you as well in the near future here at AwesomeDude.

It is -like most stories here at AwesomeDude- a love story first. But there is no shortage of erotic moments, either. For me it was just the right balance of the two.

Let's welcome Joel and hear some discussion about the story, as well. Thanks to Tragic Rabbit for bringing us together.

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I just loved this story, it was so very sweet and so very beautiful. The highland scenes, the hot boys in kilts, the boy's school and rugby games...what's not to love? If nothing else, the setting would make the story worthwhile but there's a lot more that's worthwhile here. I love his true love for Tom (Tom packing his things for school is SO sweet!) but the friends at school are great, varied and interesting and all nicely done. The sex isn't bad either <eyelash flutter>.

I'm glad the Dude and others have read this, glad to have directed people to it. I think it was written a couple of years ago but really did think it was on the special side. He has other stories, too, but I've not read them all, just the Easter Ruggers one.

Welcome to AD, Joel, I'm fairly new myself ...to aD and to writing, which I began this last July.



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