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The Scrolls of Icaria - Book 2 Chapter 2

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Yeeeeha... At last chapter two of the Scrolls is out. It has been a long wait. But now I know the schedule - every fortnight. I'll try to survive.

I really love to read it as fast as it is out. :downtown:

I was nearly on my way down to Brussel just to check out if someting had happened to Jaime.

But now I'm fine with it. :walk:

Happy Easter to all from a (maybe) former lurker :lurk:


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welcome to the forums, ratatosk...always nice when a lurker comes out of the closet. :wav: Also pleased to hear that you've been reading the Scrolls. I have to agree--Jamie is one hell of a story teller.

So which chapter is your favorite, so far? I'll tell you a secret--I think my personal favorite is the one about Nic's birthday party. All of them are pretty good, but that one stands out for me.



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