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Mind taking leave?

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or whatever, I hope I get the message right :D

Okay! I went to German Embassy here in Jakarta to apply for residence permit or visa or whatever :lol::lol:

After going through necessary beaucratic red-tape, that included speaking with a lady who sat behind bullet-proof glass ( I swear! The glass was an inch or two thick and has green tinge) and who reminded me of my lady teacher from yesteryear (she spoke like one! kinda loud and intimidating! :D ) I managed to get all requirements fulfilled and submitted.

feeling happy, I went home. Only to be called in at about 4 p.m by the embassy. Gosh! How embarassing! :oops: I forgot to pay for the visa (or residence permit or whatever)!!!

Well, I went back to pay of course, the following day. LOL!



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I'd say that glass was there for those whose minds really have taken leave...and left long ago with no forwarding address, I might add.

However, I get the impression you're not in the category that glass was designed to obstruct. Good.

Hmm, and I'd say about 90% of the planet have lost their minds. It's only the ones who won't admit it who are a problem. That 10% who have their stuff together and have good sense, instead of having lost their minds? I want to know how they managed it! It must be quite a feat.

I do know a few people who are amazingly together and balanced, sensible, smart, and funny. Thank goodness. It's nice to know people like that.

I also know a few people who think they're nuts, but who aren't. I love 'em for who they are, 'cause they're wonderful, caring people.

We live in a very strange world. I'm glad that most people are strange in ways that are of some benefit.

OK, I really wandered off topic there. Consider that my two cents' worth of philosophy for the day (or evening) and... be good to one another.


Hey, Rad? If you tied a string around your finger to remind yourself, would you forget why it was there? :lol: Best wishes on your visa and work/study abroad.

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It's always a little scary to be away from home and to have to deal with a foreign embassy. Back in the 1980s, during my second visit to Japan, I remember losing my U.S. passport about 4 hours before my plane was going to take off, and just about blew my mind. (I was staying in a hotel room about 8' square, so you don't think it would be possible to lose anything, but I did!)

Anyway, I found it minutes before I had to leave for the airport, and avoided jail time, getting shot as a spy, and various other indignities. Years later, when I had to work in Rome on an HBO project, I made a point of always knowing where my passport was, 100% of the time, and never had a problem.

It's a real drag having to deal with travel in general. Man, just since 9/11, international flying is a nightmare! It took me 2 hours to get through customs in Italy, and I think at least 90 minutes to do the same thing in NYC. I remember watching the second tower fall back in 2001, and thinking, "well, the world is sure changed now," and sadly, I was right.

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It took me 2 hours to get through customs in Italy, and I think at least 90 minutes to do the same thing in NYC.

Aaaah, the joys of dual-citizenship! Flying in and out of the UK and US, I just switch my passports. Which looks kind of weird to anyone checking them... I have loads of one-way trips on each passport, always coming into the country. But I never leave...heh. The problem comes when traveling with other people. Last summer when my boyfriend flew with me to the US, I got through immigration control, collected our bags and still had an hour's worth of reading time before he made it through.


It's so stupid too. The government has got everyone so concerned about Islamic terrorists, they've made everyone for get that we're perfectly capable of having our own, home-grown, terrorists. Have we already forgotten Ted Kaczynski and Tim McVeigh? You don't need to be Islamic to be a terrorist, you just need to be sufficiently pissed off with the government.

p.s. If I'm arrested in the next few weeks for something that seems out of character, then you'll know it was the FBI or something, 'cause I hear they're monitoring the internet now-a-days.

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