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throw me a bone, by TR

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throw me a bone

is that a bone in your pants, sailor boy

maybe you think i?m a dog

i don?t have time for this dance, pretty boy

i can see clear through the fog

i don?t mind waiting my turn for a man

but don?t keep me on a string

tie myself to a new kite if i can

then you?d sure look a Fool King

hon, is that a gleam in your eye for me

or do you just have an itch

are you hopping because you?ve got a flea

or just wanna hit my switch

sometimes i don?t mind playing those games

right now i don?t want Hoyle rules

and tonight i?m not only taking names

i need to meet after school

so if you?re a prince, you can have my kiss

you?d better not be a frog

be ready to jump, but try not to miss

you?ve got one chance at this log

so come on, knock at my party time door

you?re sure a trick and a treat

ready to play and got prizes galore

been shopping for the right sweet

?nearly? just counts for horseshoes and grenades

so better make up your mind

we all know how fast dance-floor glamour fades

let me be your lucky find

let?s go on home and play fetch with your bone

or maybe just hide and seek

for tonight i don?t want to sleep alone

i wanna hear bodies speak


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Not only does no one like most of my poems, or any, no one even reads them. This is why I've started removing some from the Forum...and, naturally, no one noticed. Are they all that bad or too weird or too varied or...what? Is this my punishment for the last months of depression and prose hiatus? Do I just suck, poetically speaking? Clue, please!

If it makes a difference, I am about to descend from the Hiatus, courtesy of several people, including vwl who has asked to be my Editor...or maybe he asked to be my houseboy, I get the two mixed up. And, as always, the peerless El Duderino himself is an inspiration and a joy to know. Plus lots of lovely letters from Drama Club readers and, gasp, even readers of Murder on the Oscar Wilde...that other thing no one was reading.

Sometimes TR just needs a hug, I guess. Or a slap. Writing will start appearing this month, including on DC and Oscar Wilde. Really. I'm reorganizing my home, my head and my workspace, top to bottom for maximum happiness, efficiency and harmony. Health might be on the upswing, too, not sure. Going to update the Rabbithole this weekend, I think, with the Dude's assistance.

Bleh. I do suck.


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I've said it before, but I rarely comment on poetry because I don't have the nous to fully appreciate it. That's a problem with me, not the poet.

I've definitely enjoyed your prose and I hope I've commented on most of them (though I know I haven't on all).

Bleh. I do suck.

It is quite possible, but I'm already spoken for. Maybe someone else will accept the invitation.

Graeme :D

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Hey, Rabbit!

I really wish you wouldn't pull stuff and get discouraged at lack of feedback. Please don't buy the ticket for that emotional rollercoaster. I mean, if you hurl, ain't nobody enjoyin' the ride, especially you, you know?

To anyone here, please don't make feedback or lack of feedback a reason to get discouraged or toss your stuff. -- We welcome poets to post here in the forum. We would love for writers who want their work to appear on the website to submit their work for consideration. (See: Poetry Submissions Wanted. Story Submissions go to story-editor @ awesomedude.com and are subject to the same file format guidelines.)

There are all sorts of reasons that people don't give feedback or view a poem or story. Sometimes a reader doesn't know what to say or how to say it. Time and real-world things enter into that.

Um, and not everybody has the chance to comment, even if they'd love to, on a gay site. Sad but true.

If I miss reading something on the forum, it isn't for lack of interest. If I don't comment on the forum, it is because I prefer to give more than an "attaboy" or "boo, hiss," or because I haven't yet read a story on the site.

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Hey, Rabbit!

I really wish you wouldn't pull stuff and get discouraged at lack of feedback.

I wasn't being a total asshole, I was talking about 'hits' or number of reads for poems I put up, not the lack of feedback, which is also not fun, btw. In other words, just what I said, that 'no one' was reading my poems. Well, not many ones. And okay, yes, I was ranting, gimme a break.

I am working on getting back to work. Really.



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Let it go, Blue. I am not angry, I am not unhappy, I am...fine. All will be well soon, I was just wishing folk would read my poems and, since they don't, I have been removing them from the Forum and not posting all of them. Which is maybe for the best, who the hell knows. I need to get back to the prose and am waiting to hear from my lovely new Editor. Also reorganizing the Rabbithole so that I can better work and live in it.

I am now leash training my Maine Coon cat, btw. :oops:



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