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Blood's Thick


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Guest rusticmonk86

heh heh . . . yeah. that's me.

and . . . I started it when I was 11. finished it when I was 12. it's called "With Scott" and you can find it deep in the depths of nifty. FYI: i'm 20 now.

i completely relinked all of the poetry on my website, btw. so you can read my poetry from 12 on.

so, since I'm here, I guess I should comment on this story.

I wanted to explore having brothers. And I also wanted to use a more conversational style of narration.

Umm . . . This whole thing used to be, like, 15 paragraphs. But it was spread out more evenly by Tragic Rabbit, only after Graeme gave it a once over. Thanks to both of you.

I dunno, I wanted to call it something like, "here's the fucking happy ending you wanted". Only because I was frustrated with myself (not having written anything story-wise for a while). But . . . eh. The working title was "blood-thirsty heart swells 'plete". But I heard that made people think different things about the story.

Conventional functionaries.

Thanks for your comments.


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Wow, Gabe, good short story. The comment you just wrote, :snicker: just adds to it.

You make it clear that they're slowly getting past the crud that has been in their lives, even though it's taking a long, long time to do it...and they still have things to overcome.

It may be a happy ending, but it's a more realistic one.

And...if family by blood or marriage isn't good, then there is family by choice, the friends we take into family. -- Whether "family" is blood, marriage, blood brothers, friends who've become family (even if we, mistakenly, don't call 'em that), or that spouse or partner... there's something worth it there.

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