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I'm black on white I'm white on black

I'm never to be found

I'm tempted green and tempered red

but never ever aloud

I'm straight as straight or bent as bent

but who will know the truth

I'm kind as kind or a sarky git

though bred to be aloof

I'm grey as grey I'm black as black

if you ever find me down

I'm the orange one, the purple one,

when the inner blue allows

I'm a gentle soul with a happy laugh

who cries a lot inside,

though when it comes to the final crunch

I guess I'm glad to be alive.

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Camy hits another home run...errrr....Camy makes another touchdown...errr...Camy makes another basket....errr...what ever it is that those Brits do any way!  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  

Really another great poem!


Camy hits a six... Camy scores a ton...

I was trying to think of a football phrase (soccer to most of us), and all I can think up is: Camy nets another one....

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