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Hey TR,

Interesting video. Being a male who talks in bathrooms, I never knew

the consequences of these actions. Plus I always check out the guy next

to me. I've picked up a few guys in bathrooms as well. I just never knew how

dangerous these actions were. But I've learned my lesson, from now

on I will follow these guidlines and become just like all the homophobes

that dominate our world. Cheers

Jason R.

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I had to double check for a moment, I thought the guy in the middle was me for a moment.

Thanks TR, great video clip.

By the way, I love your voice on the radio promo's. From your picture on your site, you sound

exactly like I imagined. Very sexy. What do you always say, oh yeah, kisses.

Jason R.

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:lurker::unsure: Evidently I don't sound as everyone imagined, because a certain AD Brit said:

OOOOOOOOOOOH! I just heard you. You don't sound camp at all. I was convinced you would sound as camp as a row of tents. I think you sound sexy actually.

I'm only camp on alternate Wednesdays. :smartass:


TR :unsure:

P.S. Did you know that it's impossible to write (or sleep) when you live next to a six-foot Black drag queen with enormous...speakers?

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