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Phi by Camy

Walking around square boxes in horizontal steps

The domes and spires of Godly trust to me seem very apt

Embracing Phi will make you high you'll see it everywhere

The divine proportion in your lovers face, in a tigers burning stare

In a butterflies wings, in a penguins stance, believe it's meant to be

Talk the talk and sell your art blind men will sometimes see

From the distance of the planets to the division of saturns rings

To the shape of the universe itself the divine proportion sings

acoustics, architecture, colour, poetry, credit cards

Music, maths, geometry, cosmology and art

The stock market, theology, DNA and life

The divine proportion, the golden number clearly underlies


written 16th June 2006

Phi is a really facinating subject!

1.6180339887498948 - phi to 16 places

Written originally as a rap.

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I like it, but then I generally like prose and poetry with math or science themes. Very cool, a poem about the Fibonacci Sequence. Now write one about Pi...


TR :icon13:

PS. Pi/Pie is my childhood nickname. Don't laugh, my little brothers' are 'Dumpy Cake' and 'Sugar Plum'.


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Phi by Camy


To the shape of the universe itself the divine proportion sings


Written originally as a rap.

A "song" for the ancient proportion in rap form.

Who would have thought it possible?

Ahh... the benefits of a classical education!

Really wonderful Camy. I loved it.

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Thank you both so much!

I read Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code' and saw a documentary on Phi, and couldn't believe it can be found in virtually everything. The universe is vast, and if there is a God he's probably a mathematician.

Check out http://goldennumber.net/

As to a classical education. Oh I wish, though I did take Latin until I was eleven.

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