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Does ANYone have a good playwriting program I can buy (cheaply), use or borrow? NOT screenwriting, playwriting, and must be compatible with XP.

:lipssealed: TR, desperately seeking software...

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Dearest Camy, I don't need a template, I need software that FORMATS for me. The thing about playwriting (I'm discovering) is that formatting is a b*tch! Sure, a page or two, no prob, but a whole entire play? I'm hoping to have this one done by Feb but am apparently going to need software.

But thank you, anyhow...



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Dearest TR,

The templates in effect turn word into playwriting software. You do have to have Word, which I hate, even though it is *sigh* very good at what it does.

If you find something better please post about it

Camy :lipssealed:

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K, I'll check them out. And there are programs for this specifically, they're just a tad expensive for someone who doesn't, at this time, know whether he'll be writing more than one play. I'm just entering a contest is all...



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I must have a look at the word templates when I get a few moments.

My own plays I have just typed up on and old typewriter until word came along.

I guess it never occurred to me use a template or software.

I believe Shakespeare used a quill and ink. :icon_geek:

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