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News & Views - October 29, 2006


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Hi Gang....

Happy Halloween!

As promised... the 2006 Halloween Story Festival is now under way and we have had a pretty good turn out. Most of the promised stories are up with the exception of Codey's and he has a note from his doctor... and WBMS promised to present tardy slips from his parents so we hope to have everything up by October 31st.

I'm delighted to say that Josh is back with us... and his contribution is actually Chapter 1 of his new four part story Masquerade.

A big surprise ?I'm sure you'll agree- is our friend Trab whom you all know from the AD Forums and who has brought forth his first story... Trick... and a very credible first effort at that! I like to think the music at AwesomeDude Radio is getting the creative juices flowing in many of you.

Codey's story Brandon / Things That Go Bump... we expect soon. Rick has come through from Merry England with A Really Strange Scottish Experience. Not to be left out Nevius brings us Halloween Dance. Graeme's Trick or Treat is a welcome addition from Down Unda as is Goblins At The Door by venerable scribe... er Jack Scribe in the lovely California desert. And last but not least is Tragic Rabbit's Where No Shadows Fall.

Those are our official eight stories created for the 2006 Halloween Holiday... but don't forget to check out one of my favorite and perhaps shortest of all stories from yesteryear... Gabriel Duncan's Cowboy...

And a lot of TR's stories are of the macabre, so if you're sitting alone on a spooky night... click on his reading of The Midnight Chime under Selected Sound Files on the AwesomeDude Home Page

Free Fall by Codey - Chapter 7 has been posted with more of the trials and tribulations of our gay young hero. Check it out!

The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie is always riveting reading and he comes through this week with Interlude the Fifth - Bronze

The Garden by Nevius Chapter 26 has been posted... two for one this week from this talented author. Ah ... life is good!

I'm gonna shut up now... as you have a lot of reading on your plates this week. Have a good one and I'll see you same time... same station (AD Radio, of course) next week.


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I'm delighted to say that Josh is back with us... and his contribution is actually Chapter 1 of his new four part story Masquerade.

Just wanted to say that Masquerade is a five parter, four chapters plus an epilogue. I love this story from one of my favorite net authors and an all-round wonderful guy, Josh, author of The Least of These. Don't miss this chapter 1 for Halloween, and then don't miss the continuing story! It's right up there with Josh's best, I kid you not!

I'll pretend the 'macabre' comment wasn't a personal slur, lol. Mary Shelley I'm not, nor do I hang out (much) in graveyards. Stories and poems just somehow come off the keyboard with creepy, weird twists, is all. Where No Shadows Fall, actually a two parter where you get the really gruesome (or is that really romantic?) half on Halloween night itself, might be the creepiest TR tale yet.

Both of the above tales have stunning secrets revealed later on, so check back and prepare to be surprised!

Read all our AD Halloween stories and don't forget to email each author to tell them thanks for writing and how much you liked their efforts!


TR :icon11:

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