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Goblins at the Door, by Jack Scribe

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Pete and Eric had been together nearly eight years when things got a little...predictable and Pete left Eric for picturesque Palm Springs. They'd been together for better or worse, but real life has no happy endings, right? But after months of bachelorhood, a Halloween night of candy apples and neighborhood trick-or-treaters offers lonely Eric the discovery that Goblin Patrol has unexpected treats in store, even for grownups! Familiar looking Goblins at the Door lead Eric into the most astonishing Halloween he's ever had! Don't miss this one from favorite net author Jack Scribe!


From Goblins at the Door:

?Hi, kids.? Eric opened the screen door and smiled.

?Hi, Mister. Trick or treat?? said the girl.

?Oh, a treat to be sure,? Eric said with a smile. He took two caramel apples, wrapped them with waxed paper and handed one to each of the children. He looked at the little boy and something stood out. ?Jeez, who is this kid?? he wondered. ?Must be a neighbor but I don?t recognize him. He certainly looks familiar, though.?

?Oh, wow,? said the boy. I?m going to eat this when I get home.?

?Thanks, replied the girl. ?Come on, Stevie, your dad is waiting to go to dinner.?

?Just a minute, kids. I?m curious?do you live around here. I?ve seen Stevie somewhere but I can?t place it.?


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One thing that struck me as I read this one is how seldom internet authors deal with the breakup of long term relationships. The way he showed how it can happen when you're not careful is a good warning to everyone -- I know from personal experience how easily it is for a couple to just drift apart. We were lucky that we had a wake-up call and realised what was happening, but a lot (like Pete and Eric) don't.

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I've meant to read your fiction, and haven't got around to it yet; except for this, which I found almost too poignant. Not that it isn't well written - it is, it's probably more my own head space.

So glad the resolution was happy. :icon12:



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Thanks...I appreciate the thoughtful comments. The tone of the story was meant to be poignant. This relationship was in trouble - incognito - for quite a while. The two guys had diffuculty communicating and being honest about a relationship drifting apart. I speak from first hand experience. :evilgrin:

But I'm a shameless romantic and wanted to end the story with a happy resolution.

Maybe I'll make caramel-dipped apples next year and check out the dads (single, of course).

Jack :icon10:

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