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Elegy for a Fairy, by TR

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Another short tribute from Tragic Rabbit, author of this month's A Fondness for Pickles and The Sacred Band of Thebes.

READ Elegy for a Fairy by TR.

FROM Elegy for a Fairy :

?Boring old faggots,? he continued, ignoring my amazement, still staring off at the distant cluster of men. ?Pretending to be interested, to care; wasting their days, pretending to be alive.? He snorted, tossed down his cigarette and ground it into the grass. ?Who?re they fooling?? He looked over at me and chuckled.

?You look surprised.?

I cleared my throat, hesitating. ?Well, yes.?

?Didn?t expect to see me here.?

I coughed, hand to my mouth. ?Ah, no, not really, Jeffrey.?

He laughed and tapped out another cigarette, lighting it as he watched me, then sighed.

?Couldn?t really stay away, now, could I??

READ Elegy for a Fairy by TR.

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