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Star Trek gay spoof


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Quite some time ago, someone edited together a set of voice snippets from Star Trek episodes and did it in such a way that it seemed that they might all be gay, or having gay thoughts. I only heard it once, but have a hankering to hear it again. I know that is was aired on public radio in Canada. If anyone knows where I could download a copy, I'd appreciate hearing of the location.

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:icon11: Hidden Frontier is a well done fanfilm series, now in its 7th and final season. They've done their effects on the fly, and they are the first to admit and be well aware of the limits on that. They chose to do that, instead of extensive post-production on effects.

They have a genuine love and feel for Star Trek, some good scripts and nice amateur to professional acting.

Perhaps best, they have gay characters without any special emphasis or objection among the other characters. They are simply there, doing their jobs, and among friends off duty.

Yes, a few of the cast and crew are gay in real life too, but playing a gay or straight character does not correspond to their real-life orientation.

The production company will be doing other projects after Hidden Frontier is completed.

The forum there has a section devoted to GLBT discussion. -- There's one member there who is overly argumentative, but the majority are good people.

On the whole, I'd recommend it to anyone looking for some enjoyable science fiction and Star Trek, and to gay sci-fi fans.

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It's so nice to find something as good as Hidden Frontiers. I've just watched 'Countermeasures' - season six episode 1.

When I was small, we used to get together at the weekends to make short films, but nothing like this.

Apart from some hammy acting - then I thought Captain (hands on hips) Janeway was rather over the top at first - it's truly amazing, and I recommend it to any Star Trek fans. Seven seasons as well!

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