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With no apologies to the socialite, here is a list from "DListed" concerning what ADD for Paris (notice we need no last names...like Cher) really stands for:

Awesomely Dumb Disease

Ass 2 Dick Disease

Arrogant Dullard Disorder

Annoying Dumb Dicksucker

Annoying Dick Depository

Absolute Dum Dum

Adult Dick Drainer

Anal Douche Dumpster

Any Drugs'll Do

Can we now get on with the quest for world peace?

Jack :icon5:

P.S. If this is considered too rude or off-color, I offer my hand for slapping by "Dude".

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She and all the other lookalike who-cares famous-for-being-famous bimbos (of both sexes) are why I don't watch television...


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