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TR's Swan Song-reprinted from the Green Room

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I'd have posted this sooner but catching a swan is harder than you'd think, and then you have to ply him with drinks and persuade him to sing, so...

I've asked permission to step down as AD Story Editor (hold the cheers, please, until I'm done), though I will always be at the beck and call of His Dudeness (he knows just how to rub my lamp, you see), in order to go on walk-about, in search of Tragic Rabbit, the writer, whose long absence has lowered the flags and raised the hopes of his erstwhile dozens of readers. Incidentally, those readers and writers with whom I have had a more personal relationship (yeah, both of you) are always free to contact me for chat, phone, copyediting, etc, at tr@tragicrabbit.org or the AD addresses, plus IM, of course.

Distinct, but contributory, are two serious issues that have led me to this decision. One, I'm relocating and, two, my health has hit a significant low.

I will forever remain dedicated to AwesomeDude and Der Dudester, work as forum mod if and when needed, and hope to resuscitate the Rabbit as a contributing writer. I'm currently researching a work that I think you'll enjoy, delving again into one of my favorite historical periods: WWII's European arena and the boys caught up therein. I do also have an additional small file of unfinished TR work that I hope to complete and proffer up soon...or at least, starting in late August.

Much love to you all and, as always, kisses from...

Tragic Rabbit

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TR, you'll be missed. I'm sure everyone on AD will be looking forward to your early return. It's great that you're using this as an unexpected opportunity to resume writing.

You'll be in my thoughts every time I come onto AD.

Colin :icon_geek:

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