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Fixing a Broken Heart


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I just read Rad Steven's Fixing a Broken Heart and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm really enjoying the fact that it's written about a filipino boy and his friends...I've worked with filipinos for years, and even had a couple of filipino boyfriends, and still don't know all the ins and outs of the culture.

Nice work, Rad!



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Thanks, AJ!

I'm not sure if the story would give you the whole scope of the culture. I mean, I'm not even that acquainted with it. :D


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A beautiful story about love, relationships and discovering them and oneself. It is well written, thoughtful, full of emotions and free-flowing. The plot and character development is perfect and each character stands out on its own, screaming that he/she is the best.

Great work, Rad. :hehe:

The BeaStKid

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