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Looking for an editor--still

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Hi all,

I am still seeking an editor for a story I am writing. I have completed 15 chapters and there are approx. 225 pages.

Brief synopsis:

The genre of story is a love story between two boys. I know there is a plethora of them out there. The protaganists are: Scotty a piano player--child prodigy; Sebastian (Bash) is a jock. They have been friends since the age of 4. Scotty is the youngest of three children. He is eleven yrs. younger than second oldest, a sister. His father is a police officer; his mother a homemaker. Bash was three when his father was killed while serving in the armed forces. Bash is being raised by a single mother who is a registered nurse. Though both boys are different in their interests, they are much alike in their outlooks of life in general. The story progresses from the childhood growing yrs. and focuses (thus far) on their teenage years (I plan to go into early adulthood). Bash's discovery that he is in love with Scotty-the struggles, mentally and emotionally that entails, etc. The story deals with acceptance, forgiveness and the ups and downs of Gay relationships from within and without.

Though there are other Gay characters, however, I am steering away from the type of story where everytime you turn around some one is Gay. Part of the telling is the interaction re Bash and Scotty's relationship with relatives, friends, etc.

There is sexual activity, but my main telling of the story is not to titillate--not that there is anything wrong with that.

AwesomeDude has given me permission to tell anyone interested in helping me, they definitely plan to publish/post the story, but would like me to run it by an editor.

If anyone needs or wants further info., please don't hesitate to ask--like I had to add that. :hug:

Oh, and if you think because I'm new at this that I am thin-skinned--forget it--I'm not. For me, one of the by-products of aging has been that it teaches you there is always more to learn.

Other than responses here, I can be reached at: stevenkeiths@aol.com


--Steven Keiths

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I want to thank all those who answered my plea for an editor. I now have an one. I don't know if I am allowed to mention their name, but I will tell you I enjoy working with them. Since trying to publish a story is an entirely new experience for me, it has certainly become a great learning experience also.

Because I have seen so many post here from the following, I'd like to acknowledge them for their advice and steering me toward books and articles as aids to better writing. Pecman, WBM, VWL, someone who asked not to be mentioned, so if you read this thank you. Thank you all.

--Steven Keiths

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Spin that clich? so it isn't one: Have the cat bag you and then out you. Oh wait, that wasn't quite the wording....

Editors usually don't get credit, and if they're good, their work's seen but not noticed. It probably explains their grumpy reputation. -- But most of us really aren't quite so mean. We're secretly happy as long as we have plenty of commas.

Keep him hoppin', Sat!

Boring ol' editors' and writers' books:

(See elsewhere in the Editor's Desk and Writers' Workshop for other books.)

A college dictionary or an unabridged dictionary. One of these is a must.

* The American Heritage Dictionary. I prefer this one.

* The Oxford English Dictionary.

* Webster's Dictionary.

Strunk and White. The Elements of Style. -- If you don't have it, get it. It's a bargain.

The MLA Handbook. If and when you need bibliography citations and other guides to writing manuscripts.

Straus, Jane. The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. -- Colinian recommended this one.

The Chicago Manual of Style. Useful for all writers. Big and expensive, and I don't always agree with it, but it is a standard reference.

The Associated Press Stylebook. Useful for journalism.

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I haven't figured how to do that quote thing, so I just cut an paste-works for me :wink:

Spin that clich? so it isn't one: Have the cat bag you and then out you. Oh wait, that wasn't quite the wording

She outed me and the cat got bagged??? Hey, I tried.

Thanks, Blue, for some more reference books. I may never have time to read a novel again--or stories posted on AD. Oh, no! Can't have that.

Kidding aside, Thanks.

--Steven Keiths

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I haven't figured how to do that quote thing, so I just cut an paste-works for me...

You type left bracket Quote (spelling out Q-U-O-T-E), right bracket, then you paste in the quoted line. When it's done, you type left bracket backslash QUOTE right bracket.

You can also just click on the upper right button labeled QUOTE, right next to MULTI.

A lot of these commands are basic HTML code. I did a quick google search, but couldn't find an easy chart that lists all the various attributes, like boldface, italics, indents, centered text, etc., but whatever is out there will generally work (to a degree) on the forum software.

It helps when you need to say something in boldface, or iitalics, or what have you. (I draw the line at changing typefaces or screwing around too much, but I'm a conservative kinda guy on stuff like this. I say, keep it simple.)

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You type left bracket Quote (spelling out Q-U-O-T-E), right bracket, then you paste in the quoted line. When it's done, you type left bracket backslash QUOTE right bracket.

To correct this slightly, it's a slash, not a backslash, that you use in ending the quote.


[ quote ]This line is to be quoted[ /quote ]

Do this without the spaces inside the [] and it'll do what you want.

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Thank you one and all five of you who responded to my dilemma of "quoting." Now I am an expert! And I am putting it on my resume, too. I will work it into the language somehow. Perhaps where I say I know how to turn on my computer and place quotes in a message and turn off my computer. Good thing I've worked the same place for 22 yrs. or I'd be in big do-do!

Thanks all.


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Don't let it bother you. I'd be terribly embarassed if somebody published a copy of that first AwesomeDude.com home page from April 3rd, 2004. Gawd, I hope nobody HAS a copy of that. I sure don't!


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I probably shouldn't tell anyone, but when I got my first computer way back in 1994 I sat in front of it for 3 days, and watched a blinking,


wondering if the computer could do anything else.

A friend helped me and I was soon an expert, at pulling my hair out.

I also discovered the benefits of swearing at the &($#@^%& computer.

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My first run-in with a computer was back in 1970. Back then we had to make our programs by punching cards which were then fed into card readers.

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You've got that 'accept/reject' button in Track Changes mastered too. :wink:

What Sharon failed to tell you is how impressed she is with my computer terminology. I wow her with my explanations when I make references to do-hickies, whatchmacallits and thing-a-ma-jigs. I think I render her speechless.

Some of us have it, some of us need computer books titled Computer Books for Idiots Who Really are Idiots. :wav:

--Steven Keiths

If you're constantly being mistreated, perhaps you're cooperating with the treatment.

If you can't laugh at yourself; you're probably not funny!

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...If you can't laugh at yourself; you're probably not funny!

And THAT last line of your signature is VERY funny! Bravo!!

I'd love to steal it and add it as the last line of my signature. But I won't. You'd probably begin throwing miscellaneous computer parts at me which would be very painful. :w00t::wink:

Colin :wav:

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  • 9 months later...

Many months later I read all this and think: "Damn! Why wasn't I there when Steven Keiths wanted an editor? What a chance I missed!"

I mean it.



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