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Beware- the 4 cats of the Apocalypse!

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The Four Cats of the Apocalypse are on the lose!


Catastrophe [Prince Edward]


Cataclysm [Junior, Edward's son]


Catty-whumpus [Fast Eddie, Edward's youngest son]


Catatonic [boo, unconscious as usual]

Unlike the four horsemen, these guys might pass you by for some milk, tuna, yarn or a nice spot to nap.

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Boo looks as energetic as usual there James.


Boo is an old cat. He spends his days plotting rather than actually making mischief. :lol:

He has always been shy by nature and would rather nap than scrap but his aggressive flatulence is so horrifying no one cat or human wants to bother him. :lol:


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