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Now for something completely esoteric ...

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Now for something completely esoteric ...

The apartment he found was as cute as could be,

T'was under a large spreading amphibract tree.

But the agent was cool, and, despite his protests

And some vivid descriptions of vile anapests,

He insisted the contract be settled that day.

He was certain that everything would be OK.

While he unpacked carefully

Trochees slythed in through the door.

Snatching up a golf club, he

Whacked them till they breathed no more!

Higgledy, piggledy - Dactyls flew everywhere:

Landing on furniture, drapes and his hair.

"No! No! No! Not that, please!"

When open closets disgorged spondees.

"Enough!" he snarled in manner terse,

And open a spray-can labeled "Modern Verse".

And when he was finished, there

Were dismembered feet scattered everywhere.

"Iamb," he cried, "the winner of this fight!"

And he and Alexandrine both moved in that night.

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