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News & Views March 16, 2008


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Hi Gang...

Here we are again. At the top of the news and at the top of the AwesomeDude Home Page is the fact that Bruin Fisher has joined us. You might have read some of his writings elsewhere under the Nom de Plume of Sinbad. Well, I am happy to say he's moved here to AwesomeDude with all his currently posted stories intact, a list of which can be found HERE. DO check it out. We'll be posting his new stories in the Short Story and Serial Novel categories on the Home Page as they are completed. Welcome, Bruin!

This week we introduce a new short story by another AwesomeDude exclusive author, Rick Beck. To Robby With Love is ready with links from the AD Home Page and Rick's author page. Our own author, poet, musician, raconteur, gourmet & Emu, Camy has also come through with a new short for you called Bath Time, where we learn that three inches is just not enough!

We apologize publicly to Altimexis and others I promised to post on Wednesday, but we had lost our broadband Internet connection and I was only handling emails and IM communications using the dialup connection through my cell phone. We'll be posting chapters of Love in a Chair twice a week from now on. The story has been reworked and reads even better than the original. Chapter Two is up now with Chapter Three scheduled for Wednesday.

Here is the Current Serial Novel Chapter Update list for this week.

Love in a Chair by Altimexis - Chapter 2

Family and Friends Series by - Ron Robbins - Mac Part 23

Not Entirely Alone With Myself - WBMS Chapter 15

If By Chance by Nickolas James - Chapter 15

Moving On by Jack Frost - Chapter 20

One Moonlit Night by Steven Keiths - Chapter 17

Outside The Foul Lines by Rick Beck - Chapter 13

That's about it. Coming up midnight here in Borneo so will take my leave urging you to write your favorite authors and to have a great week of reading!

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