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What's up Guys? (And gals?)

Guest Rustic Monk

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Guest Rustic Monk

Yep. The subtopic has it all. After almost four years at AD, I'm leaving. Anyone interested in the position of poetry tsar should contact Des.

It's been good and it's been real.

I'd like to thank TalonRider and Blue. WriteByMyself. Dude. Trab. Aaron Bergeron, AJ, Alex, Alex K, Berkeley Romantic, Camy, Dcorvu, DJ, EleCivil, James Savik, Jason Rimbaud, Jason P Ruel, Jordan Green, Josiah Jacobus-Parker, Justyn, Naiilo Scioga, Nick Nurse, Pete, Plastic Reality. R.I.P Codey.



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Wow, I'm pretty bummed that Gabe has decided to move on. His poetry, and his friendship will be missed here at Awesome Dude. Though I know I'll still be able to keep in touch with him, reading his poems was something I always looked forward to.

Happy trails Gabe, may your voice continue to resonant.


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