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Bejing Olympics

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Has anyone seen the opening ceremonies of the Olympics? It was great, and the most expensive ever, I hear. But more importantly was when their Chinese team came out. Yo Ming was there with a 9 year old boy. Yo Ming is 7'-6" tall and he dwarfed the boy. The boy...damn...20 of the 30 of his classmates were killed during the earthquake. He pulled himself to freedom, but then turned and went back and saved 2 of his classmates. I can't tell you how my heart felt when I heard that. I cried...for real. Damn...I wish I had the courage of that 9 year old boy.


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Suit? Suit? What do you mean? The first thing I obviously noticed were those cute things he has wrapped around his wrists.

Okay, Okay. (pulls up a chair and starts eating popcorn watching the screen)

...three houra later...

Be right back guys. I have to go to the bathroom.


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I would say he would look quite impressive in a white suit, especially if it was wet. Of course he is quite impressive for fourteen years old whether the suit is white or not. In the meantime I wonder if the site administrators have recovered from their swoon that Des told us about earlier? (voice dripping with concern)

I suppose what is so impressive about Daley is that his body has the shape of a well trained adult whereas with his age and size (fourteen, five-foot one, and one hundred and five pounds) we automatically think he should look more childlike.

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The first thing I obviously noticed were those cute things he has wrapped around his wrists.

Assuming for a moment you were serious (it's possible right). The cute things protect his wrists when he does something like this....


by the way, he is doing a handstand on the edge of the 10 meter platform. that's over 30 feet above the water.

the whole gallery is on NBC's Olympic web site.

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When you enter the water from 30 m above, you're traveling over 50 mph, and Thomas is very small, which means his wrists are probably very thin. To be in the Olympics, he probably has to practice hour on end, and just one time enterring the water with his wrists not perfectly aligned would probalby tweak them inexorably.

I guess when you're that high above the water, you must not have any fear of heights. If I stood up there, I think the whole tower would be shaking.


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