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Boy With Dancing Eyes

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Boy With Dancing Eyes

By: Jason Rimbaud

Written July 13th, 2007

He speaks to me in riddles

And assures me that he loves me

This boy with dancing eyes

And though I barely know him

I can't help but love him

And trust him with my heart

I wished I never kissed him

Because now I can't resist him

This boy with dancing eyes

And now when he whispers

Take me to your bed again

The way you did last night

Promising everthing will be okay

He holds my heart dangerously tight

But when I'm inside it feels so right

"It's been over twenty four hours

And I already miss him laying next to me

I cling to his pillow and choke back the tears

He still hasn't called

And he didn't show up for work today

I hope he's all right and wish he wasn't

It's like going through withdraw

My body aches for his touch and causes anger

Beating myself blind does little to ease the tension

Still no word from him

And I'm beginning to clear away the lies

Finally I see his words for what they are

A new me emerges to the light

For the first time in five days I slept without crying

And the world is strangely clear and bright

I think I'm finally over him

The stronger me overtaking the weaker self

And I stand tall and face those that doubted

It's two Am and the doorbell rings

Before I open it I know it's him my pulse races

He stands before me and I let him inside"

This morning I wake covered with cum and sweat

Our bodies are entwined and I wonder why

I chose to believe this boy with dancing eyes

Because now I can finally see our future

And there is no happy endings

Just the two of us and our wasted life

And I promise that it will be all right

And that everything will finally work out

I sink into the powder and suddenly I'm not okay

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I liked this Jason. It clearly shows the trepidation, that self doubt we all feel when in love...'does he still love me?' I love happy endings too, but felt that fear that it wasn't going to happen. This poem truly had my blood rushing until I realized it's fantacy.


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  • 4 weeks later...

One of the many 'unfairnesses' of life is that as I get older - and consequently more financially stable and capable - I meet a lot of 'boys with dancing eyes.' Some are outright predators, others are just boys who don't mind accepting a little help from someone who is willing to go there, but they all of them aren't serious about much of anything...except getting what they want.

One must deal very carefully with this kind of person, I find. It is a mistake to think that any dealings with such are anything but commercial in nature - if one leads with one's heart, it will end up a punching bag or a bumper, neither of which it is designed to be. One learns to be suspicious and guard one's heart rather carefully in this time when being known as a 'player' is a commendation, and honor and honesty are despised.



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