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The world's gone MAD!


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US churches lure young with Halo 3 services

Churches across the United States are under fire for using the ultra-violent video game Halo 3 to attract younger members to their congregations.


And there I was thinking that world peace was just around the corner. Next will be 'Paintball Services' ... followed swiftly by 'Hunt the tardy parishioner - live fire during lent'.

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Honestly, I think this is just the last of a marketing schemes done by churches these days.

Who can blame them? :icon_rabbit:

This kind of marketing techniques went back to the early churches, when, trying to attract more followers, they substituted pagan rituals & dates for Christian ones (Dec. 25th for example) & even get rid of Jesus' beard for a time! Because Romans considered that beard is a sign of barbarism :laugh:

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I think you've maybe missed one point, as there have been other violent games which have NOT been used in this way. The important issue is probably that this is supposedly an alien religion trying to destroy us (my comment is not based on any knowledge of the game other than a comment here and there that I've read). It is the use of that unHoly of unHolies, another religion, that has allowed them to justify this in their religious minds.

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